About the GCFVF

The GCFVF Mission:

The Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival (GCFVF), a non-profit organization and established in 1999, is created to promote and showcase the discovery of new and emerging motion picture artists through inspirational, educational and thought-provoking stories and dialogue, set to a visual medium, that raise the awareness of consciousness in the audience, not only to inspire, but, to wonder and question the nature of social attributes.  The GCFVF includes Local, State National and International submissions from creative movie makers.

The GCFVF Goals:

To encourage and support the work of the Independent Filmmaker,
To promote the concept of motion pictures as an viable art form,
To encourage creativity in the development and production of an Indie project,
To encourage the sharing and dissemination of  motion picture techniques, projects and skill to others,
To encourage collaboration among motion picture artists,
To inspire motion picture artists and production crew to achieve their best work and to exceed the skill level  of their last entered project,
To encourage a dialogue between the creative artists and the audience,
To further the advancement of creativity through motion pictures,
To inspire business creativity in promoting and the distribution of creative projects to an audience and to a mass worldwide audience,
To inspire love and understanding throughout the world, and
To acknowledge the artistic struggle through merit awards, monetary support Educational outreach and expanded awareness of independent visually projects and motion pictures.

Our GCFVF goals are the foundation of a productive and entertaining festival for all movie makers of all ages, ethnicity, religious preferences, political affiliations, genders and, of course, economic standing.

Our GCFVF goals do NOT include projects that promote hate, discrimination, violence against humanity or sexism.