From Director Michael Benko

Director Michael Benko, who attended last year’s 2016 GCFVF-Houston and won for Best Foreign Film for his work “Summer Park”, writes the GCFVF team with the following:

I am writing with some good news about Summer Park.  Since having its American premiere at the 18th Annual Gulf Coast Film and Video festival-Houston, Summer Park has been accepted into 18 international film festivals and awards events all around the world from London to Chennai, Singapore to Los Angeles.  We’ve scooped up a stunning 8 awards thus far at events all around the world.
Recently we’ve been selected to join Worldfest Houston as an official selection.  I’m writing you to express my deepest gratitude for believing in us early on.  Your early support was invaluable in making us able to achieve so many accolades and participate in so many great festivals.  It was both a great pleasure and honor to screen at your festival.  The Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival was the first to honor us with an award.
From everyone involved in Summer Park, thank you!