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Want to Volunteer?

Want to be part of our Festival Team? Just send  us an Email

We are looking for sales experts and fundraisers who can knock on doors, bring in funds and throw a party.

We are looking for nerds and geeks who can work on the website, splash pages, create pages, edit and add pictures, video and audio recordings,  throw out posting on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, who can keep up with and create IndieGogo and KickStarter pages, and, basically,  people that love to sit on a computer and add content and get things done.

We are looking for people that can throw a party, bring people together.

We are looking for people to help promote this festival the way it should be promoted.

We need people that can negotiate with theaters, hotels, bars, restaurants and other commercial venues to not only bring in money but People and have the festival’s best interest in mind.

NEW: The GCFVF is working with several colleges and universities to offer internship opportunities for credit. Contact Mr. Wixon at the email provided to see how it can work for you.

WE are looking for people that know how to use social network.

We are looking for volunteers that are committed to helping out the GCFVF

WE are looking for volunteers that can make a difference.

We are looking for volunteers that live in the Clear Lake City / NASA area

What do you get?

Well, you get the satisfaction of moving the GCFVF into the future, meeting honored guests, celebrities, talking with local movers and shakers and asking for funds.

YOU get tickets to the festival.

If you have one, YOU get your working banner on the Step and Repeat and advertising banners.

You get to be part of a family that is looking to give this area of town some really good movies and a chance to meet some celebrities.

Interested?  Contact Us